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Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.

■Head Office and Factory :
 2-29-1 Heian-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama 230-0031, Japan

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Autonomous Signal Control Functions

Autonomous Signal Control is an environmentally-friendly road traffic signal controller that relieves road traffic congestion and contributes to the reduction of CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions.

With a typical road traffic signal controller, the length of time that the traffic light is green is determined at the traffic control center based on past road traffic data measured by vehicle sensors. With Autonomous Signal Control, however, the road traffic signal controller itself determines the optimum period of time for the light to remain green in real time by means of road traffic signal controllers positioned at intersections exchanging information among themselves.

Technology features / advantages

  • The Autonomous Signal Control is a new type of signal control system in which traffic information is exchanged between intersections to predict in real time the flow of vehicles arriving from upstream and to optimize the signal control.

  • This traffic signal control consists of the following three major functions:

    • Prediction of arriving traffic flow through information exchange between intersections 

    • Calculation of signal control parameters based on forecasted demand 

    • Optimization utilizing vehicle delay time as an evaluation index

. At Kyosan, we have striven to contribute to society by developing and providing a broad range of traffic control systems, encompassing the gamut of traffic management systems, traffic signaling devices, and information displays for all manner of applications, in an unwavering aim to usher in a safe and comfortable transportation solutions free from traffic accidents and congestion. Today, we continue to tackle new challenges in striving to develop new transportation infrastructure in harmony with people, society, and the global environment, with “people-friendly” and “environmentally-friendly” as keywords. Kyosan provides a wide range of products, including its signal control system - the first(*) product of its kind to be commercialized in Japan - which endeavors to help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gases. In addition, we have developed far-infrared type vehicle sensors that provide outstanding power saving benefits in line with today’s needs, touch system push button boxes that are easier for the elderly and children to use, LED road traffic signal units that reduce glare, and provide great energy saving benefits while ensuring high level of visibility, additional power supply units for road traffic signal controllers providing an uninterrupted power supply in the event of a blackout or disaster, while being developed with environmental sustainability, and waterproof road traffic signal controllers. Looking ahead, we will continue to introduce and provide products that offer safety and peace of mind. (*) First since the introduction of the National Police Agency model project


. Autonomous Signal Controllers have been implemented in 9 areas in Japan. To give you an example, allow me to introduce one of the mentioned 9 areas, the Iwata city. We were able to reduce traffic light waiting time in Iwata city by 20% after installing 30 intersections.


. In terms of overseas areas, the Autonomous Signal Controllers have been implemented in 10 different areas overseas. One example of these areas is Moscow city where we were able to reduce travel time and traffic light waiting time by 40% after installing 5 intersections with a route length of 2km.


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