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JVCKENWOOD Corporation

JVCKENWOOD Corporation

■Head Office :
 3-12, Moriyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama

 221-0022, Japan

​ Corporate site is here

Integrated Digital Radio System

 By integrating professional digital radio systems, telematics solutions, and AI / IoT solutions, we provide a robust system that contributes to disaster prevention and mitigation using voice, data, and video.

Fields of use: Disaster prediction> Detection> Evacuation> Rescue (cooperation with firefighting, emergency, police)> Reconstruction

Target users: Citizens, government officials, police, first aid, fire department, etc.

Technology features / advantages

Flexible Radio System

  • Digital Communication Protocols

In addition to the FM analog, the radio and radio system support digital radio protocols of P25, DMR, and NXDN, which are the major digital protocols in the world, and meet the needs of most customers around the world.

The radio supports multiple digital protocols, and the protocol used can be easily changed by changing the channel or firmware.

  • Size of Radio System

It is possible to provide a flexible system according to the communication area, the number of used radios, and the budget of system.

It is also possible to deploy a nation- wide system.


  • The radio is required high reliability to communication even in harsh environments.The JVCKENWOOD provides radio and radio system that can contribute to the safety and security of customers by utilizing many years of experience and know-how of radio, and sound technology as audio company.

Develop business in the Mobility & Telematics Service Sector, the Safety & Security Sector, the Entertainment Solutions Sector, and manage business by holding shares or equity interests in companies engaged in equivalent business


As a partner that solves customer’s problems by fusing the technology and experience cultivated over time by its predecessors JVC (Since 1927) and Kenwood (Since 1946), there are many delivery records in domestic government offices.


Through its subsidiaries EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., Inc., Radio Activity S.r.l., and a network of distributors under our sales companies, the highly reliable radio and system are supplied to the public safety market for police, fire, and emergency services, and the public service market for electricity, water, and gas, and private markets such as hotels and retailers around the world.



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