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Suidou Technical Service Co.Ltd

Suidou Technical Service Co.Ltd

■Head Office :
 1-45-45 Otaka Building-3F,Futamatagawa,

 Asahi-ku Yokohama 241-0821,Japan

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  • On-site leakage detection survey

We are committed to finding leakage on-site by our clients. On the other words, clients are patients, and we are doctors. As a doctor sees a patient and find an illness, our excellent experts diagnose a pipeline or an area where leakage is suspected, and find hidden leakage. We diagnose more than 5,000 km of pipelines every year and detect a lot of invisible leakage. We can find hidden leakage not only in Japan but also abroad.

  • Human capital development related to non-revenue water measures

We can transfer our technologies and methodologies to you by human resource training.

We can also localize them for you. We have conducted the training in India and Vietnam and the number of participants is over 400.

  • High-performance plastic meter

This product is 1/3 lighter than conventional products. On the other hand, it has excellent durability because its body is made of super engineering plastic. It also prevents quality deterioration due to erosion and corrosion that occurs in metal cases. In addition, there is no need to worry about theft of metal parts. At last, we emphasize its high precision, the R160. Its high-precision measurement will contribute to the reduction of non-revenue water.

Various surveys related to water pipe leakage. We do the following operations as a non-revenue water countermeasure business for overseas water utilities. • On-site leakage detection survey • Human capital development related to non-revenue water measures • Sales of leakage monitoring device and high-performance plastic meter


On-site leakage detection survey of waterpipe business and public facilities in Japan.


1 Vietnam • JICA grassroots technical cooperation through public & private partnership with Yokohama Waterworks Bureau Vietnam “safe water” supply project implementation • Human resources development work related to non-revenue water measures by Hue WACO 2 India • As Bengaluru City Water Supply & Sewage Bureau (BWSSB) counter partner 2013-2014 JICA investigation project 2015-2016 JICA promotion & demonstration project 3 Upcoming MOU confirmation with local firms in India, Vietnam, and Taiwan.



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