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Laboratory for Ecological Reconstruction Science Inc.

Green Sustainable Development Clean Power Solutions

Green Sustainable Development

Our firm develop independent-distributed power sources using the latest renewable energy technologies from Japan, Europe, and the United States, mainly in areas that are not yet electrified and are powered by thermal power. Also, we provide making and business development plan for the environment-conscious industries and products and finally the circular economy society.

Technology features / advantages

  • Development of renewable power sources through technological collaboration with overseas ventures

  • Development of environment-conscious companies and products (eco-factories)

  • Legal and policy making of a sustainable society with a regional circular economy

Laboratory for Ecological Reconstruction Science Inc.

■Head Office :
 Aioi building 4F 5-80 Aioi-cyo Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0012, Japan

Corporate site is here

1.Investigation, consultation, providence of Know-how, instruction, education about environmental issues. 2.Environmental business and it’s instruction related to environmental technologies research, development, design, adjustment, and production. 3.Related works about environmental protection laws, planning, analysis for efficient use of costs for the environment and economy. 4.Design and consultation of environmental space (environmental lighting and music)


We are a private research institute, doing collaborative innovative researches, development and projects with corporates, government, universities, and research institutes centering on our three business domain for environment innovation. Domain 1) research and development about environmental technologies * Innovative eco system development research to lighten burden to the environment. * Low carbon society development (smart grid, new energy, GHG management)development research * Formation and implementation of collaborative research and development projects * Environment and innovation policies and economic assessment way research Domain 2 environmental consultation and design * Plans of administration (national and local government) and environmental policies. * Environmental policy assessment and cost/ profit analysis * CSR/ SDGs/ ESG investment consultation * Environmental space design (environmental lighting and music) Domain 3 Environmental policy planning and advisory * Promotion and assistance of consortium policy planning and advisory * Policy assistance with participation of residents *Support for local environmental planning, activities, and environmental education *Policy making and business development related to circular economy and carbon circular society *Fair trade and ethical business development


* Investigation of the trends of environmental technologies and environmental policies of various countries (Europe, US, Asia) * Assistance to policy formation for a sustainable society (Asia) * Research about the technical strategies of carbon recycle law formation and CCUS in Asian region. (Asia) * Formation of environmental projects in Asian Pacific Economic Corporation (Asia) * Environmental technologies consultation for the realization of eco-city (China) Promotion and Penetration of clean energy in Asian areas (international financial institutes) * Collaborative research for environmental policies and policy assessment (universities and research institutes) * Investigation about environmental technologies open innovation (universities and research institutes) * WIPO-Green promotion and penetration (United nation WIPO & universities) * Fair trade and ethical business promotion (Asia, South America, UK)



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