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CarbonFree Consulting Co., Ltd.

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CarbonFree Consulting Co., Ltd.

■Head office:
6th Floor, Oak Sakuragicho Building, 6-113 Aioicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0012, Japan

Corporate site is here

Environment x Development = Carbon Free Consulting

We are a boutique consulting firm based in Yokohama, specializing in environmental consulting.

Our mission is to contribute towards the creation of a conflictless human society that can co-exist with the natural environment, and we provide services to support our clients in formulating and implementing policies, projects and management structures to this end.

Our "three trees" corporate logo represents "circulation", "low carbon", and "sustainable development". The number "three" is also known to represent concepts such as "balance", "structure", "conditions", which is fundamental to our approach in providing our consultancy services.

Although we are a small firm, our specialized expertise and experience in the environmental consulting arena has allowed us to build up solid trust from our customers and partners, who range from corporations that are amongst the largest and most prominent in their respective fields in Japan and globally, to grass-root local SME's. Our clients from the public sector include various ministries and agencies as well as municipal governments throughout Japan.

* Environmental consultation: - Environmental management consultation – Carbon offset consultation – Environmental Business & project development Overseas Support Business: – Small to medium sized enterprise overseas development assistance


Leading environmental consultancy firm in Japan: We assist clients in formulating environmental management strategies including TCFD and SBT compliance and Scope 1 to 3 emissions calculations. We are one of the most experienced firms in Japan regarding carbon-offset transactions, contributing towards solving environmental issues and assisting the growth of our clients. Provided overseas development assistance to 50 companies over the past 10 years: We support overseas business development of our clients through leveraging our expertise in overseas development projects sponsored by the public sector, with a focus on sectors such as environment/climate change, water treatment, waste treatment, medicine/health, and agriculture.


We assisted over 50 companies over the past 10 years under the JICA small to medium sized enterprises overseas development assistance scheme. Below is a list of our achievements in different regions (target country and field) South east Asia *The Philippines- waste treatment and disaster prevention *Laos- agriculture, waste treatment *Indonesia- environment & energy, waste treatment *Vietnam- Agriculture *Thailand- Medicine and welfare *Cambodia- environment & energy Mid & South America *Peru- water treatment *Brazil- waste treatment, water treatment *Mexico- environment & energy Africa ・Kenya- waste treatment ・Mozambique- environment & energy ・Cote d’Ivoire- environment & energy Caucasus ・Georgia- waste treatment Oceania ・Samoa- water treatment ・New Guinea- water treatment




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